Yesterday 18 people were killed when two of the morning commute trains experienced a head-on collision. The accident occurred early in the morning outside of Brussels in a village called Buizingen near to Halle. The harsh snow conditions made it difficult for rescue workers to clear the scene, and routes from the UK to Europe were halted.

The collision took place at 07:30 GMT, and some of the commuters were stranded in the over turned carriages for several hours in the freezing conditions. The frontal collision happened with such force that the head carriages were forced into the air, where passengers had to be extracted by rescuers.

Officially the number of dead has been reported as 18, which is the highest number of fatalities in a rail accident Europe as seen since 1974 when a train derailed. 162 passengers are said to be injured and in need of medical care out of a total of 300 passengers on board between the two trains.

In the wake of the accident, Eurostar has cancelled several services on the Channel Tunnel, and will continue to operate only reduced services from Paris to Lille today. The Brussels route will remain suspended for the day. Accident investigators have arrived on the scene and no rail services will be allowed to travel routes between Brussels and France until the investigation has come to a close.