Motorists across the UK are being advised to fit snow tyres to their vehicles as the weather once again turns to blizzards. Leading motoring organisation, the AA, has warned that the wintry weather could cause many vehicles not fitted with specialist tyres to get stuck as well as increase the risk of a collision.

As the severe weather continues to push down from the arctic, the AA said it is expecting the number of insurance claims to rise dramatically. The organisation has already recorded a ten per cent increase in claims and said that 21 per cent were related to the icy conditions.

Across Wales the situation is already more serious, with 34 per cent of claimants saying they have contacted their insurance companies because of snow and ice related incidents. In Scotland just over half of all claims are now related to the severe weather conditions.

Insurance director at the AA, Simon Douglas, said motorists should pay attention to the advice being given by local police forces. If they are saying it is best not to travel, then drivers should be heeding that advice. He added that people should be constantly monitoring local weather updates and planning their journeys carefully before Christmas. He went on to advise motorists stick to the major roads, as these will be the first to be gritted.

Mr Douglas warned that the most common type of collision in the sort of weather the UK is currently experiencing was with the car in front at a road junction, or with a parked car.