Investigators trying to piece together the exact circumstances which caused an Air France passenger jet to plunge into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009 are preparing to present a preliminary report on Friday. France’s BEA has said the report will show the circumstances which led up to the tragedy as well as some analysis and new information retrieved from the flight’s data and voice recorders.

However, a spokeswoman for the aviation authority said the analysis would present a list of failures which led up to the crash, but would not confirm a cause. She added that another report was due to be presented later.

What is currently known is that the Air France flight was travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Paris when it encountered a storm. An automatic message was sent from the aircraft showing that the pilots were being fed conflicting messages about the speed of the plane.

The jet then entered an aerodynamic stall after which it fell out of the sky for more than three minutes before crashing into the sea.

The incident occurred on 1 June 2009 and all 228 people travelling on the flight were killed. In the days following the crash, rescue workers at the scene were able to recover the bodies of 50 people. They also recovered some large pieces of debris. However, it took another two years to locate the rest of the wreckage on the ocean floor. The black-box flight recorders have since been recovered along with 104 bodies which have been shipped to France for identification.