As the number of new car owners’ declines in the world’s ever expanding cities, car manufacturers are looking for other ways in which to encourage people into their brands. BMW has just announced a new project which will allow customers to get their hands on the firm’s roadsters and luxury sedans by the hour.

By offering short-term leasing programmes, car makers are able to access customers who are unwilling or unable to purchase there own vehicle. It is also a good way of introducing customers to particular brands ahead of a time when they do decide to purchase a vehicle.

BMW will be running its pilot BMW on Demand programme for the next year. The scheme will be based near the company’s Munich headquarters. Those wishing to reserve vehicle can do so by going on line, making a phone call or visiting the desk at BMW World. Customers will then be able to pick up a 7 Series sedan for €32 per hour, or a 1 Series compact for €16 per hour.

A spokesman for BMW said he anticipated the new short term rental service would appeal to people who would normally not be able to afford to drive some of the company’s high-end models like the M6 Sports Coupe.

Other European manufacturers exploring alternative ways of selling transportation solutions include Peugeot with is Mu project in a number of European cities, and Daimler with its Car2go initiative. The manufacture has also just launched a car pooling programme called Car2gether.