The UK’s leading car hire price comparison website,, has announced that it is teaming up with road safety charity Brake to launch an annual road safety campaign, called Road Sense. Each year the scheme chooses a particular safety issue and encourages motorists to focus on it. This year it is getting car tyres and brakes checked regularly. feels that it is important to get motorists into the habit of regularly checking vehicles, even though it is aware that family budgets are being squeezed. The motoring charity is concerned that one of the highest killers of young people in the country is car accidents. Many of these are avoidable, as they commonly occur when people are exceeding the speed limit. managing director, Gareth Robinson, said: “During the winter, when UK roads are icy and dangerous, we want people to be sure to get their tyres and brakes inspected. By doing so we can all help to have a positive impact on the number of accidents on UK roads this year.”

He added that: “Brake and ourselves both have a common goal within the Road Sense campaign, that of lowering the number of serious accidents on UK roads. Drivers should listen to safety specialists like Brake – and our Road Sense campaign has a goal of pulling everyone together to help raise awareness of key issues and lower the number of serious accidents on UK roads.”

According to Brake, one in every eight drivers is below the age of 25. However, one in every four serious or fatal accidents involves a person in this age group.