This week, the European Union made the decision to add four airlines to a list of carriers which are not allowed to fly to or from any of the 27 members of the bloc. Filipino company Aeromajestic and Interisland Airlines, The Republic of Congo’s Equatorial Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Stella Airlines have been banned following their failure to produce any documents that proved that the carriers were in compliance with international standards of safety.

Concerns over safety raised by France meant that Rollins Air, from Honduras, has also been placed on the list of airlines which are no longer allowed to enter European airspace. Jordan Air has also been told that safety concerns mean that it will no longer be able to operate three of its Boeing 767s to or from a European country.

Siim Kallas, transport commissioner for the EU, explained that it was not an option to make any compromise when it came to passenger safety. He added that wherever an airline proved to be falling short in terms of the safety of its operations, the European Union would take the necessary action to eliminate those risks.

Three airlines from Russia were almost included on the EU blacklist, but managed to stay off because the Russian authorities said that they would place their own restrictions on Tatarstan Airlines, Yakutia and VIM AVIA.

The air safety committee at the EU also voiced concerns about airlines in Albania, but said they would not be banned because the authorities have already taken rigorous action.