As a result of the volcanic ash cloud which spread from Iceland this week, a number of airlines have been forced to cancel services. This has caused disruption for passengers and has prompted Eurostar to provide additional services over the bank holiday weekend to help travellers reach their destinations.

On Friday 27, an extra train will leave St Pancras for Paris Gare du Nord at 10.01. It will arrive in the French capital at 13.17. It will then leave Paris at 14.43 and is due to be back in London at 15.59. An extra service is also being laid on for Saturday 28 which will follow the same timetable.

When airline fleets were grounded across Europe for nearly a week in 2010 after the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted ash into the atmosphere, Eurostar was able to provide more than 60 additional services as millions of passengers found themselves stranded.

Director of communications at Eurostar, Mary Walsh, said: “Our services are always busy over bank holiday weekends, but we have seen a spike in demand over the next few days following the ash cloud disruption. We continue to monitor the situation and if the demand for tickets grows further we are in a position to lay on more additional services.”  

Each of the extra services has 750 standard class seats and there is a buffet bar to provide passengers with refreshments. Eurostar is warning that it expects the trains to fill up quickly and is advising those who wish to travel to book their tickets as soon as possible.