Eurostar has reported a surge in the number of people booking tickets to the UK to be part of the Royal Wedding which will see Prince William marry his university sweetheart Kate Middleton. Compared to the same weekend in 2010 bookings are up by 28 per cent. The wedding will take place on 29 April.

Visit London is predicting that some 1.1 million people will come to the capital to enjoy the festivities and thousands are expected to come from across Europe through the Channel Tunnel.

Eurostar’s French head of sales and marketing, Lionel Benbassat, said: “Not since Charles and Diana married in 1981 have we seen such huge interest across the continent in the British royal family. People are truly fascinated by this wedding and they want to experience the excitement of the big day and the party atmosphere first hand.

“This fascination isn’t just limited to countries that have a monarchy themselves. We’ve seen a surge in bookings from republican Germany and France as well as from Belgium and the Netherlands, which have their own monarchies. After three years of financial austerity, it looks like Europe is gearing up for party.”

Travelling between the UK and Europe on Eurostar is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to do so because unlike many airports, stations are situated in the heart of major cities. The journey time between London and Cologne and London and Amsterdam is around four hours and getting from the UK capital to Marseille takes around six.