Airline passengers in the UK and across Europe face having their travel plans disrupted today as France’s air traffic controllers walk out on strike. Around 400 flights have been cancelled to and from Britain and delays are expected as airlines re-route flights to avoid French airspace.

Ryanair said it has had to cancel around 200 scheduled flights because of the industrial action. The airline’s boss, Michael O’Leary, is furious and has attacked Parliament and the European Commission for allowing governments in Europe to fail in the management of their own air traffic controllers. He said that it was all very well to continue to talk about the rights of passengers, but pointed out that most of the delays caused to flights this summer have been caused by the feeble management of the monopolies currently controlling the air space across the continent.

A spokesman for easyJet warned that the strike would cause disruption on services to many French destinations and asked passengers to check with the airline before heading to the airport.

British Airways issued a similar warning saying it has had to cancel 20 flights. The carrier added that it would be rerouting some of its planes in order to avoid the skies over France and would be laying on larger aircraft to insure that as many passengers as possible would be able to make it to their destinations.

Eurostar said it hoped to run services as usual adding that it had recruited Belgian and British drivers to man the trains.