Gerard Depardieu, the actor who stared in films including Green Card and Cyrano de Bergerac, has been taken off a flight in Paris. He was due to fly to Dublin, but was not allowed to continue on his journey after he urinated in plain sight of other passengers. According to reports, Mr Depardieu was asked by cabin crew to remain in his seat after he asked if he could visit the lavatory.

The CityJet plane was preparing to take off at the time. However, Mr Depardieu did not remain in his seat, and according to another passenger on the flight decided to stand in the aisle and urinate into a bottle. It is claimed that he also urinated on the aisle itself.

According to the movie star, the incident was not because of alcohol, but rather because he had drunk a large amount of water before getting onto the flight. According to another traveller, Mr Depardieu announced to the rest of the cabin ‘Je veux pisser’ before performing the act.

Although the movie star said that he was prepared to deal with any mess he had made, the pilot decided to return to the terminal where Mr Depardieu was asked to leave the aircraft. According to CityJet, which is owned by Air France, flight AF5010 was delayed because one of the passengers on board had failed to comply with a staff request that he remain seated before take off.

Mr Depardieu was due to fly to Ireland to film the latest Asterix and Obelix movie.