Hertz has announced its commitment to introducing plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and all-electric vehicles (EV) to its car rental operations around the world. The declaration that it was committed to introducing the next generation of vehicles powered by electricity was made at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting.

Hertz is one of the largest car rental brands on the planet and as such is in the unique position of being able to introduce a variety of groups to the new technology. By signalling its dedication to this technology Hertz hopes to encourage its partners in cities around the world to help develop the infrastructure needed to making EVs and PHEVs available to all.

Hertz’s chairman and chief executive, Mark P Frissora, said the company’s global EV programme is aimed at gaining the support necessary to make electric mobility an everyday reality. He added that Hertz already had the relationship with industries and businesses which would cement its commitment to electric power.

Hertz is currently working on forming more partnerships with corporations, municipalities and manufacturers. President of the Environmental Defence Fund, Fred Krupp, said electric vehicles not only represented a great technological leap forward for the transportation industry, but also represented real benefits for the consumer and the environment.

Earlier in the year Hertz made a commitment to introduce the Nissan LEAF to select outlets in Europe and the US. The LEAF is run entirely on electric power and Hertz has also said it will be partnering other manufacturers such as Toyota, GM and Mitsubishi to get their EVs and PHEVs out to Hertz customers.