A recent survey of European cities shows that travellers found London to be the most overpriced. However, although it may have some of the most expensive hotels on the planet and charges a fortune for its transport network, travellers also voted London the most exciting European city.

The research was conducted by TripAdvisor and showed that as well as being exciting and expensive, travellers consider the UK capital to be one of the most accessible and easiest to travel around.

Spokeswoman for TripAdvisor, Emma O’Boyle, said the build up to next year’s Olympic Games may have helped London to its position as most exciting city in Europe. She added that the tourism industry in the capital will be pleased to learn that although travellers consider the city pricey, they also see it as accessible. She went on to say that she was sure the buzz about London would continue long after the games.

Birmingham didn’t fare quite so well in the poll, being voted both the least romantic and most boring city in Europe. Venice was voted in as the most romantic city and Paris as the most overrated. Parisians also topped the poll for being the most unfriendly, just ahead of Londoners. Taxi drivers in Paris are the rudest according to respondents, whereas taxi drivers in Rome are considered to be the friendliest.

The hardest city to get around was Istanbul and the safest city to visit was said to be Stockholm. The cleanest city is Zurich, according to the study, and travellers voted Lisbon to be the city which is most underrated.