The U.K.’s transport secretary has announced government plans to detail its new high speed rail proposals in March next year. Lord Adonis has said that a White Paper would be published illustrating timescales, route proposals and services as well as details on economic, financial and environmental issues. After this has been done he said that plans were in place to launch a public consultation process by the following August.

Lord Adonis made the announcements at the launch of High Speed One which serves the Eurostar service in Kent and links it to the continent. As of now commuter trains will also be served by the line. He went on to say that sometime before the end of the year he hoped to have a full report on how best to develop High Speed Two which will link London to Scotland.

Lord Adonis pointed out that the U.K. has the potential to roll out high speed rail services to many destinations throughout the country but that at the moment Britain was lagging behind many of its European cousins. The Kent service is at present the only high speed link in the U.K. He went on to say that any studies in how best to service the rest of the country would have to carefully examined, but that the process was well and truly underway. The Department for Transport said that High Speed Two would also be looking into how best to serve routes to the Midlands as well as destinations further to the north.