The government has announced plans to phase out paper driving licenses in 2015. After then, motorists will only be required to carry a photocard. Until then, however, drivers will still be required to produce the old paper licenses and hand it over to the police if they are stopped. Convictions will be stored on a computer database which will be made available to foreign authorities and to car rental companies.

In addition, the government has said that motorists will no longer be required to possess an insurance certificate, as all of the relevant details are now stored on a computer and available to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Transport Secretary Justine Greening said it was no longer necessary for people to own numerous pieces of paper as evidence that they have passed a driving test, or have purchased the relevant insurance. She explained that it was right to store the information on a computer because we live in a digital age.

Although the date for getting rid of insurance certificates is still to be confirmed, drivers will find the process of buying a tax disc easier as they will no longer have to produce documents.

Greening said that it was important to reduce regulations and rules in order to increase people’s personal freedom and remove barriers to economic growth. She added that the statute books had rules on them which needed to be revised or scrapped as they have become out of date or irrelevant.