New Zealand’s minister in charge of transport, Stephen Joyce, has added his signature to an agreement which means the nation’s flag carrier and Australia’s Virgin Blue will allowed to codeshare across the Tasman Sea. Last week, the biggest barrier to an alliance was knocked down when the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission decided to announce […]

The European Union has told a group of airlines that they will have to pay a share of nearly €800 million for their involvement in a price-fixing cartel. The decision could result in a number of private firms stepping forward to seek additional compensation from the carriers. In a statement, the EU said between 1999 […]

Singapore based budget carrier Tiger Airways has been awarded the title of Low Cost Airline of the Year by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. On the same day the win was announced, arch rivals Air Asia took out full page advertisements in The Business Times and The Straits Times featuring a small tiger crying. […]

International Airlines Group, the airline giant created by the merger of British Airways and Spanish carrier Iberia, is keen to bring more names under its banner, according to BA boss, Willie Walsh. Announcing a new code share agreement with Kingfisher Airlines in Mumbai recently, BA’s chief executive admitted that a short list of 12 airlines […]

A recent survey reveals that top of the list of the things travellers most hate when away from home are service employees who are rude and unhelpful. The survey, conducted by Consumer Reports magazine asked 2,000 people about their experiences with car hire firms, airlines and hotels. The magazine offered a list of things which […]

Aircraft giants Boeing and Airbus predict that the Asia-Pacific region will be their biggest market over the next 20 years. Both companies said that the air transport market in the region will overtake both Europe and the US. Boeing predicts that airlines in the Asia-Pacific region will be responsible for close to one third of […]

Research conducted by the Abrams Consulting Group has revealed that in 2009 the average price of a car rental at an airport had increased by a staggering fifty-one percent on a year earlier. The figures are particularly significant when compared to the rest of the travel industry where average prices tumbled in a bid to […]

As temperatures begin to creep above freezing across the U.K. and the rest of Europe transport services try to get back to normal. Eurostar say that at last it is beginning to clear its backlog of passengers and that it is doing its best to find seats for those who have tickets. It says that […]

Dublin based airline Aer Lingus has made the announcement that it is already in talks with the Civil Aviation Authority about quitting Ireland for the U.K. The Irish flag carrier has said that because it has been unable to reach an agreement with its cabin staff or pilots over pay restructuring it may move its […]

Aer Lingus and their most prominent share holder Ryanair have been locked in battle for some time now. Both parties accuse the other of having caused damage to the airline, which recently announced losses of £65m. On Friday last week Aer Lingus’s chairman Colm Barrington announced on Irish radio that Ryanair had devalued the company’s […]

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