New research reveals that far from being happy about the deactivation of the country’s speed cameras, many motorists are concerned that the move could actually make some parts of the UK increasingly dangerous. RoadPilot, a leading provider of speed camera data, claims that three percent of speed cameras in the UK have already been decommissioned because of the coalition government’s funding cuts for road safety.

RoadPilot’s chief executive, James Flynn, said many camera partnerships were currently reviewing the amount of speed detection equipment it is viable to keep up and running across their regions. He added that this fact meant UK drivers needed to be more aware than usual of speed limits, where those speed limits changed and how other motorists were behaving.

According to RoadPilot, two-thirds of motorists are reportedly concerned that turning off speed detection devices will make the roads more hazardous. Flynn said it was important to drivers to have some sort of warning about when a speed limit changed and when they were approaching a speed detection device.

The RoadPilot Mobile alert allows those with GPS smartphones to receive an audio warning when speed limits changed or when a speed camera was coming up. It is available through all Nokia GPS capable handsets and can also be accessed via Nokia’s Maps 3.0.

Oxfordshire recently became the first county to turn off all of its speed cameras because of a budget shortfall. Many residents are concerned that a lack of speed detection devices could turn some roads into racetracks.