As temperatures begin to creep above freezing across the U.K. and the rest of Europe transport services try to get back to normal. Eurostar say that at last it is beginning to clear its backlog of passengers and that it is doing its best to find seats for those who have tickets. It says that it is still running a limited service but that the procedures put in place to sort out the disruption experienced earlier in the week were working well.

The better weather means that airports have been able to remain open. Most airlines say that they are getting their schedules back to normal but that there had been some delays. easyJet has been hard hit by the recent closures of Luton and Gatwick and has had to cancel hundreds of flights. The carrier says that it cannot guarantee getting all its passengers with tickets home for Christmas. Ryanair has said that although it has not had to cancel any scheduled flights customers may experience delays as the planes are de-iced.

Heathrow Airport is now fully operational as is Edinburgh which was forced to close earlier in the week as a result of the snow.

Drivers on the U.K. roads have been warned that although the weather is improving the thaw may cause black ice to form making driving conditions treacherous. The AA also predicts that as with every year the sheer volume of vehicles taking to the roads over Christmas will cause delays and urges drivers to be careful.