If you are planning a trip to Spain, you owe it to yourself to see Alicante. A quick charter flight from Madrid will get you to the Alicante Airport and from there you can access one of the nine car hire services available directly in the terminal. Alicante Airport is one of the ten busiest Spanish airports due to its proximity to world class beaches.

Hire a car for a day or weekend trip, and explore the miles of beaches available along the Costa Blanca. You will not regret it, as these are some of the world’s greatest beaches. Experience the beauty of both the landscape and the residents while enjoying the convenience of being able to travel to any destination you want. With so many beaches to choose from you may need a want a guide to ensure you see the current “hot spot.” And when you tire of soaking up the suns, you can take your hired car into the town and shop in the trendy downtown of Alicante.

There is a sense of security that comes with having a hired car at your disposal. It allows for much more freedom than being dependent on buses or taxis ever could. Having a car at your disposal can more fully immerse you into the local culture and show you the reality of Alicante, in a way that just isn’t possible if you are watching the meter tick in a cab, or rely on the bus routes. Most tourists stay predefined areas, because of this, but simply hiring a car opens up the whole of the city and its surrounding area.