AustraliaAustralia lies between the Pacific and Indian Oceans just south of Indonesia. Most of the terrain is flat and barren with many areas still unpopulated, however there is a mouintain range that rund Njorth to South along the east coast.

Australia has more than 500 national parks and you can see many different types of wildlife in them from Kangaroos to Funnelweb Spiders. Why not visit one of Australias big cities such as;

Sydney – has both old and new culture. You can climb the Sydney Harbour Birdge, Jetboat across the massive harbour, enjoy one of the many events at the famous Opera House, visit the Aquarium, take a valley wine tour, visit the Blue Mountains National Park or the Zoo.

Brisbane – being the third largest city in Australia it is flanked by the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. It has sunshine all year round as the winters are mild here. Visit the Story Bridge built between 1935 to 1940, Roma Street Parkland being the world’s largest subtropical garden, shop at the Qwueen Street Mall, visit Chinatown or the artifucl beach. You can enjoy all sorts of acitivites such as swimming and surfing.

Other areas to visit are places like:

Alice Springs also known as the Red-Centre due to its surrounding red coloured rock formations. You should visit the telegraph station, botanical gardens, museum, the outback camel farms and of course the world famous Ayers Rock. OR the Gold Coast with its championship golf courses, sandy beaches and Hinterland for bush walking and sightseeing.

Surfing is one of the major sports on the Gold Coast. You can spend time shopping, plyaing at the casino, seeing Movieworld, Seaworld, Dreamworld and Wet n Wild

The gold Coast has something for everyone.

Austrlaia is so vast you could take a long holiday and visit so many different places by road, back packing or even flying between.

Some of the main airports in Australia are Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns.