Geneva Airport, Switzerland is also known as the Geneva Cointrin Airport. Located approximately 5 kilometres from the city centre, the northern part of the airport runs along the French-Swiss border, as a result, it can be accessed from both countries.

The airport serves both the international and domestic travellers, and the flights that leave and arrive at very well connected with all Major European and International destinations. All major airlines of the world have flight services to this airport, considered as a holiday getaway, especially during the winter months, when most of the tourists frequent Geneva to travel across onwards to the snow flaked slopes and resorts for vacations. During the winter months lot of skiers from across the globe come into Geneva to enjoy the snow covered slopes of the Swiss Alps.

Most of the visitors frequenting the Airport for onward journeys use the Car Hire services available at the airport to reach their final destinations or to explore the surroundings and amaze at its natural beauty. All prominent car hire agencies operate out of the airport and offer cost effective and cheap car hire solutions to the travellers.

All the car hire agencies offer transport solutions to different destinations in Switzerland making the travel safe, convenient and hassle free. The travellers do not have to worry about the hassles of organizing travel arrangements from the airport to their respective hotels or resorts as these are taken care of by these car hire agencies.