GreeceYou will find Greece in the far south of the Balkan Peninsula of Europe on the Mediterranean Sea.

Greece is a naturally beautiful country with its blue sea of the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas and mountains as well as large ancient cities to small-unknown picturesque villages.

Off of the mainland of Greece you will find up to 1400 islands of different sizes the largest being Crete. Many of the islands are still uninhabited but the ones that are make island hopping holidays popular. You could take an island hopping cruise or even charter a yacht to do this by.

The climate in is mainly dry and hot with summer temperatures reaching almost 40c or more. Winter time is much cooler though depending on where you are visiting.

Athens is the Capital city and has the Acropolis, theatres, museums and hosts cultural events. It also hosted the Olympic games in 2004, which were originally founded around 775 BC.

If has fabulous shopping and dining and you will find many boulevards, highways as well as small streets to walk along.

Crete is one of the largest islands and has secluded bays, sandy beaches as well as archaeological sites to visit. This is very much a summer destination that starts in April and ends in October. Crete is full of towns with tavernas, bars and activities.

On Santorini you can see some of the best sunsets in Greece and you can have views of the volcano and neighbouring islands. You can eat in small villages, in restaurants with spectacular views, stay in Spa resorts or relax in a villa.

Alternatively, you could visit one of the more lively islands like Rhodes with its nightlife towns and sleepy villages. You can have the best of both relaxation and partying.

Greece is a country full of olive groves, music, old ruins, beautiful sunsets and relaxation.