Ireland is a place that once you have visited its magical charm will entice you back.

The weather is best in July and August and many festivals and events are held then.

Ireland has beautiful countryside and you will see so many shades of green and natural wild beauty here.

It host the Dublin Film Festival, Jazz and Blues festivals, Folk
festivals, cattle and hors fairs, Operas and Irish Dance festivals.

Ireland is known for its music and you will find
there is always someone in a locally country pub that will strike up a
tune for you.

Take a weekend break to Dublin, Irelands capital
city and see the historic buildings and landmarks as well as the
shopping and nightlife scene.

Cork has many galleries and there is the nearby Blarney Castle home to the legendary Blarney Stone.

Places like Kerry, Mayo and Galway have a more rugged look and you can visit the coast, lakes and mountains from here.

Ireland is a great place for horse racing, golfing, fishing, hiking and
you can dive off the west coast too. If the quieter way of life is what
you are looking for just sit back and take in the breath taking