ItalyItaly has beautiful landscapes, vineyards, beaches, opera house, historical
buildings and is found in the heart of Mediterranean Europe.

If it’s romance that you are looking for why not holiday or take a city
break to Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan or Naples and sample the
delights of Romes temples, baths & theatres, ride in a gondola
along the waterways of Venice, shop in the fashion capital of Milan,
beautiful architecture, artwork & culture in Florence, the
wonderful food scene in Naples with its many delights and sweets as
well as its history.

Italy is between two mountain ranges being the Alps and Apennines, which are great for skiing.

Lake Garda is good for those of you who enjoy being part of the
walking, hiking and mountain scene as well as relaxing. It is situated
in the middle of the mountains and has both the snow and the sun.

Ancona is an area that has its architecture inland and also many stretches of beach within easy distance of the town.

Why not take a trip to Sicily which is southwest of mainland Italy. It
is known for it food being influenced by Arab, Greek and Italian
descendants so very varied all over the island. Magnificent
architecture, art, museums, Mount Etna, beautiful beaches and has some
of the friendliest people in the world.