Murcia airport Spain (MJV) is a small airport located in Spain. The Airport is named after the Murcia city in Spain but is not actually located there. The Murcia airport Spain (MJV) is closely located to a little town known as San Javier. The city Murcia is 45 km Away from Murcia airport Spain (MJV). The airport is not so big and crowded. It is a small airport but is maintained neatly by the airport authorities.

There is a main Runway on the airport. You can reach to the airport by a car hire service. There is one parallel Taxiway to the main runway. The airport is small though there are many services like fashion, food, gift shop and multi shop available there. You will find this petite airport interesting enough to impress you at the very first sight. At the multi shop you can find different items and can purchase gifts for your friends and family from there.

The shop is situated in the main lobby of the Murcia airport Spain (MJV). The car hire provided by the airport facilities is great. Bank services are also available at the airport. There are four different kinds of cheap car hire services that can help you easily commute around the city. A police department is also made at the airport to keep a full check of your security you may choose other medium of transport for commuting from one place to the other. The city has beautiful locations that will tempt your mind and will make you love this amazing and fantastic place.