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From bright lights and big cities to
magnificent empty wildernesses, as a superb holiday destination the
U.S.A. is hard to beat with something to offer everybody.

Family-friendly Florida combines world-famous
attractions from Disney with outdoor experiences from Mother Nature
herself. The West is familiar to us through hundreds of cowboy movies
but exploring the majesty of the landscape by car is a wonderful way to
experience the vastness of the country and the evocative place names -
Tombstone, Dodge City, Abilene. Take in the Grand Canyon and
Yellowstone National Park and you’ll want to return time and again.

Images and sounds of American culture are so much a
part of our lives that it’s sometimes difficult to remember that you’re
far from home. Mardi Gras in New Orleans, country music in Nashville,
Motown in Detroit, Elvis’s Graceland and showtime in Las Vegas are all
familiar but nothing beats actually being there. From shopping in New
York to the Pacific Coast Highway via the trams and seafood of San
Francisco, the range of themes for a trip to the USA is inexhaustable.
If history appeals, how about battlefields of the American Civil War or
key places in Civil Rights movement?
If life outdoors makes your holiday, then there’s no shortage of
opportunities to hike and climb throughout the U.S.A. with exciting
adventures such as whitewater rafting to get your adrenaline flowing.

As the seasons change, so does the character of the
landscape. New England’s greenery turns to a rich palette of reds,
yellows and golds in the autumn; in winter, the Rocky Mountains offer
outstanding winter sports venues with guaranteed powder snow. Don’t
forget the unique character of those American outposts – Alaska and
Hawaii, offering very different holiday experiences in culture,
scenery, food and scale.

Quality affordable accommodation, mountains of food
(breakfasts that set you up for a busy day with no need for a lunch
break) and cheap petrol mean that touring around is an attractive
option. Remember, though, the distances involved make a cross-country
trip a major proposition. Better to focus on an area and make the most
of what it has to offer.