The small village of Sant’Ambrogio sits on a peninsula on the Corsica Island. Corsica is located in the Mediterranean Sea southeast of France and west... read more
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In the northern half of Corsica, lying on the east coast, is the picturesque area of Moriani. It is divided into North and South Moriani... read more
The Moriani part of Corsica is found on the east coast of the French island that looks over to Italy. It is split into two... read more
On the east coast of Corsica and a little to the north, there is an area called Moriani that has many small towns and villages... read more
The French Mediterranean island of Corsica is an often overlooked holiday destination, although it sports near idyllic beaches like that of Ghisonaccia. This once sleepy... read more
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The commune of Ajaccio is the capital of the French region of Corsica. Specifically, Ajaccio is situated on the western portion of Corsica. The commune... read more
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