Vila Real is among the districts of Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro that is situated in Portugal’s northeastern section. With Tras-os-Montes being a historical province, Vila... read more
Found in the island of Madeira in Portugal, the small town of Santana is specifically located in the municipality of Comarca de Santana. Some of... read more
The small parish of Sangalhos belongs to Anadia, located in the district of Aveiro in Portugal. It situated on the crest of a hill above... read more
The little town of Sagres lies close at 5km from Cabo de Sao Vicente, close to the tip of Portugal to the Southwest. It is... read more
The small town of Prazeres is found in Calheta, which belongs to the island of Madeira in Portugal. Some of its neighbouring towns include Paul... read more
Praia da Vitoria is the second largest municipality in the Azores region, which is located in Terceira island in Portugal. The nearest airport from which... read more
Praia da Oura is one of the beautiful beaches located in Albufeira in Portugal. Among the beaches nearby are Praia de Santa Eulália, Praia Maria... read more
Porto Santo is located at 46km, northeast of Madeira Islands. The 9-kilometre island has golden, sandy beaches and two mountains at both ends. From Porto... read more
The Porto airport or the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is located in the heart of the Porto, the industrial city in Portugal. It is 11km... read more
Pico Airport serves the Island of Pico in the Azores archipelago. The airport provides excellent connections to locations such as Terceira, Ponta Delgada, and Lisbon.... read more
The country of Portugal has in recent years been going through a resurgence in the tourist market as many choose these shores over rival neighbours.... read more
Lagos is a resort town located along the Atlantic coast on the southernmost tip of Portugal. It is a known tourist destination because of its... read more
Oeiras is a town that is located on the western part of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area in Portugal. It is a notable day trip destination... read more
Praia da Falésia is a resort community located on the southernmost end of Portugal in the city of Albufeira. It is a known travel destination... read more
The island of Faial on the Atlantic is a popular travel destination mainly because of its beautiful natural scenery and wealth of recreational opportunities. It... read more
A tourist destination booming in popularity is Costa da Caparica, Portugal. This 30km stretch of beach boasts the largest beach in all of Europe. The... read more
With its prime location on Portugal’s Madeira Island, Calheta is known for its ample sun, gorgeous beaches and magnificent yachts. Calheta is calm and easy... read more
The Coimbra district is notable for its wealth of historical and cultural heritage in Portugal. Contributing to the significance of the region is the city... read more
Almada is a city located in the district of Setubal in Portugal. It is bounded by the towns of Alcantara and Lisboa to the north... read more
Alfagar is an area in Albufeira in Algarve, Portugal. This commercial area is located near the sea. It belongs to a municipality with many wonders... read more
Alcocaba is a city in the district of Leiria in Portugal. This city is bounded by the towns of Sarrones, Reguengo and Morenos to the... read more
Oura Estrela is located in Albufeira, which is found in Algarve, Portugal. Many cheap car rental services are available in this area to help you... read more
Agueda is a municipality located in the district of Aveiro in central Portugal. It is bounded by the towns Alagoa, Gravanco and Ameal to the... read more
The town of V.N. Famalicao is located in the northern region of Portugal, about 25kms from Porto, and a further five kilometres to the closest... read more
The town of Torres Novas is nestled in the central region of Portugal, about 80kms northeast of Lisbon. The city is commonly renowned throughout the... read more
The northern central region of Portugal is teeming with village towns that display a magnificent rural atmosphere, and Tarouca is not exception. Located about 80kms... read more
Portimao is located in the Algarve region, Portugal’s famous beach resort destination. Alvor is situated in the western area of town, around five kilometres west... read more
If you are planning a visit to northern Portugal in the near future, you may want to consider organising car hire in Penafiel. Penafiel is... read more
Pacos De Ferreira is 50kms northeast of Porto in the centre/north of Portugal. It is a nice place to duck into any time of the... read more
Moimenta Da Beira is not the most happening place in Portugal and is somewhat off the beaten tourist path. However, for this reason it is... read more
The municipality of Maia is just off to the north of Porto in northern Portugal and is home to around 35,000 people. It is its... read more
Setubal is a city in Portugal that has grown from a small fishing village into a thriving and busy tourist hotspot just a short distance... read more
Portugal never fails to welcome a long line of visitors with the pretty island of Santa Maria proving extremely popular. It is part of the... read more
The city of Porto in Portugal is a popular place for many to visit and its train services are a good way to get around... read more
The busy Portuguese city of Porto is home to a busy airport called Porto Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport and it handles many passengers every year... read more
Portugal is a famous holiday hotspot and no place is more appealing to visitors than the Azores. The group of islands are extremely popular and... read more
The Portuguese island archipelago of Madeira is in the Atlantic, 600kms off the shores of North Africa. Madeira Island is the largest in the archipelago.... read more
Lagoa is a pretty city in Portugal’s renowned Algarve region. The Algarve is one of Europe’s foremost holiday destinations and features soft, sandy beaches and... read more
The Azores is a Portuguese island archipelago situated in the Atlantic, roughly 2,000kms from the European mainland. Many of the Azores were created by volcanic... read more
Guimaraes, located in northern Portugal, is famous as the first capital of the country after its liberation from Moorish rule, and as the birthplace of... read more
Flores Airport is an airport on Flores Island that is used by masses of tourists who fly here from all over the world to enjoy... read more
East to find on a map of Portugal, only a few miles from Porto’s southern suburbs, Figueira Da Foz is an exceptional tourist destination on... read more
Evora is a popular destination for those interested in history. The city has a history dating back to around 3 BC and is a UNESCO... read more
Covilha is a vibrant university town, located in the Centro region of Portugal. The town is known for its textile industry and it still supplies... read more
Corroios is a commuter town, just a short drive away from Lisbon. The town is considered to be the second largest town in Portugal and... read more
Located just a few kilometres south of the Portugal-Spain border, Chaves is a historic Roman city, popular among religious visitors, due to the proximity to... read more
Castelo Branco is a typical rural city in Portugal. Located in the central, but eastern side of the country, Castelo Branco is not the typical... read more
Carnaxide is the third largest town in Portugal, founded around the 14th century. Located just outside Lisbon, it is a popular residential area for those... read more
Braga is known for its religious sights and long history. Located in the north-western part of Portugal, Braga is considered to be one of the... read more
Beja is a quaint historic town, located in the south-central part of Portugal. With a history dating back to the Romans, Beja offers a range... read more
Portugal’s key island attraction are the Azores. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores is a popular getaway for Europeans. This volcanic... read more
During the peak summer months, most visitors flock to the beautiful city of Aveiro, to enjoy the canals and the beaches. Aveiro is known as... read more
Armacao Pera is located on the southern coast of Portugal and is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches. Visitors from all over Europe flock to... read more
You can travel directly by train to Caceres Rail Station, and from her you can gain easy access to the rest of the city as... read more
Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, just 300 miles from the coast of Africa lies the Madeira Island. Called the “Ilha Jardim” or the Garden Island,... read more
Portugal is in the Iberian Peninsula of West Europe facing in to the Atlantic. It has great weather and beaches that makes it an ideal... read more
Faro has one of the islands main International airports plus an attractive Harbour and nearby shopping area with its many bars and eating places. Through... read more
Francisco Sa Carneiro also known as Oporto or Porto Airport (OPO) is an international airport, about 11 km from Porto (Oporto), a commercial area situated... read more
The main international airport to Portugal, Lisbon Airport is one of the largest airports in Southern Europe, and is located in the middle of the... read more
Faro airport; predominantly used by leisure travellers, is quickly turning to be a destination passage for the business travellers, mainly because of being one of... read more